Principals Message

Greetings Everyone!

Dear Viewers,

Holy Cross School, Kumarghat is extremely happy to present you its website. From now you can log on to this site for any information regarding school programs, staff details, studentsí details, exam results, etc. Please feel free to use them and let us know if we should include any more information.

The Holy Cross tradition of operating a school and teaching young people began in post-revolutionary France at a time in which Christian education was a crucial concern. For Fr. Moreau, the vocation of a teacher was a special call from God as important as Godís call to the religious life. Fr. Moreau defined a Holy Cross education when he said that true education consisted in forming the hearts of young people.

Holy Cross Education has the following characteristics: 

        A Holy Cross School serves a diverse population.

        A Holy Cross School finds ways of providing educational opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged, even at the cost of considerable sacrifice.

        A Holy Cross School is community and family.

        A Holy Cross Schoolís service includes helping students to get the best education possible. 

        A Holy Cross School selects and retains teachers with great care. 

        A Holy Cross School helps students become active and informed citizens and instill in them a strong sense of personal self-worth and feelings of accomplishment.

        A Holy Cross School provides an orderly learning environment with efficient and well maintained facilities.