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Rules & Regulations

- Regularity in attendance (minimum 80% is a must)

- Quality of day-to-day participation in class.

- Written work and projects assigned by the subject teachers.

- Satisfactory performance at the internal assessments and tests.

- The minimum mark required for pass for subjects out of 100 is 33 and for subjects out of 50, is 17.

- A pupil who fails to attain the required standard in language subjects (i.e. English, Bengali, and Hindi), Mathematics, Science, and Social Science will not be promoted.

- Promotion is granted on the basis of the marks/grades obtained in all the assessments/tests and whole year's work of the pupil. Hence, one needs to be regular in school.

- Students who do not appear for any of the Assessments will be treated as having no marks in it. The decision of the school authorities with regard to promotion is final.